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How to Find Online Accounting Practices for Sale?

July 7, 2023 by Cara
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To find online accounting practices for sale, you can explore various resources and platforms that specialize in business listings and marketplace. Here are some effective methods to find online accounting practices for sale:

  1. Business-for-Sale Marketplaces: Utilize popular online business-for-sale marketplaces that feature a wide range of businesses, including accounting practices. Some notable platforms to consider include BizBuySell,, BizQuest, and These platforms allow you to search for businesses by industry, location, and price range.
  2. Industry-Specific Websites: Look for industry-specific websites or directories that focus on accounting businesses for sale. These platforms may offer more targeted listings and resources specifically tailored to the accounting industry. Examples include AccountingPracticeSales, Accounting Biz Brokers, or AccountingPracticeExchange.
  3. Professional Networks and Associations: Tap into your professional networks and industry associations to inquire about accounting practices for sale. Connect with colleagues, attend industry events, and participate in networking activities to stay informed about potential opportunities. Many accounting associations have dedicated sections or resources for buying and selling practices.
  4. Business Brokers: Engage the services of business brokers who specialize in selling accounting practices. These professionals have access to a network of listings and can help you identify accounting practices for sale that may not be publicly advertised. Seek recommendations or conduct research to find reputable brokers with experience in the accounting industry.
  5. Online Classifieds and Forums: Explore online classified websites or forums where individuals or businesses list their accounting practices for sale. Websites like Craigslist or local business forums may occasionally have listings for accounting practices available in your desired location.
  6. Social Media Groups and Communities: Join relevant social media groups and communities focused on accounting or business sales. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or specialized forums allow you to connect with professionals in the industry, inquire about potential opportunities, and stay updated on new listings.
  7. Direct Outreach: Take a proactive approach by reaching out directly to accounting practice owners or professional networks. Send personalized inquiries to accounting firms or individuals who may be considering selling their practices. While this method may require more effort, it can lead to potential opportunities that are not publicly advertised.

When searching for online accounting practices for sale, it’s essential to conduct thorough due diligence, seek professional advice, and evaluate the listings based on your specific criteria and goals. Engaging the services of professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, or business acquisition consultants, can provide guidance and support throughout the buying process.